4 October 2014

Winners Look For Opportunities Losers Look For Guarantees

In Just 10 Days, Venture Capital World Summit 2014

Wales and Cardiff is already buzzing with excitement and positive energy as it plays to host the Venture Capital World Summit 2014 on the 17th October which is just a few days away now.

Tickets are still available here.

At the event in attendance there will be proven business leaders alongside influential speaker guests from USA, Malaysia and Turkey, where they will help business start-ups alongside established businesses of all sizes with both leadership development, inspiration, investment and innovative funding opportunities. One of the aims of this event is to help businesses which have been in operation for over 2 years, where during their business life they need further support and growth opportunities when compared to when they first started their business activities.

Furthermore the event will help to grow existing businesses and at the same time, raise awareness of important issues that most businesses need to consider including inspiration including upcoming markets or niches. Furthermore business funding and new finance opportunities. This event is designed to offer and showcase speakers and delegates an experience and the benefits of success throughout their business and leadership development, subsequently open many business opportunities for all attendees with a market of opportunities ranging from as far away as the Sillicon Valley to Malaysia.

Visit VentureWorldSummit.com .

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10 September 2014

Venture Capital World Summit 2014 Speaker Videos

GO-AHEAD business leaders are being urged to attend a major conference where a wealth of business opportunities awaits.

Venture Capital World Summit
The Venture Capital World Summit in Cardiff is aimed at helping companies to grow and raise awareness of important issues, including unique networking opportunities, inspiration with leadership development, innovative ideas, upcoming markets and niches, which are of key importance.

The event will also be promoting and showcasing more opportunities on capital funding including crowd-funding, asset management, businesses for sale, mergers and acquisitions.

More than 550 delegates are already expected to converge on the City Stadium Corporate Lounge on Friday, October 17, among well-regarded academics as well as those seeking new global opportunities who will be able to rub shoulders with a selection of embassies’ representatives and investment groups.

Already an impressive list of inspiring speakers is lined up for the day and the world will be able to watch the influential talks and feedback from business done on the day, shortly after the event.

They include: American business leader David Drake also representing European Trade Association for Business Angels and Seed Funds, ‘The Grumpy Entrepreneur’ David Murray-Hundley and leading innovator and business mentor Anthony Tinsley.

Tickets are already being snapped up for this hotly anticipated summit which follows last year’s hugely successful inaugural event, the first of its kind to be held in Cardiff.
 “We are really looking forward to this 2014 prestigious event,” says Elio Assuncao, Director of Venture Capital World Summit Ltd.

“It will be an exciting and innovative event and many surprises are planned, which will certainly make it memorable for all delegates, speakers and a selection of exhibitors.”

A range of sponsorship and exhibition packages are available and tickets are on sale now.

Purchase options range from a Day Delegate’s ticket, to include refreshments, continental breakfast, lunch and entertainment, to a VIP Delegate ticket which includes private meeting rooms.

Group discounts are also available for parties in various sizes and a special range of ticket prices, starting at £99, for university students and business start-ups.

Venture Capital World Summit
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