26 March 2012

Corwen Town Businesses Ready For New Railway

Businesses are thriving in confidence at Corwen town following the preparations for the arrival of a heritage railway which will bring many new visitors, despite the railway being only fully operational in the summer of 2013.

Town Council officials also have plans to build a new museum, as the economy of the town is set to rise exponentially in the near future with the new developments. "It is a diverse area for history and such a beautiful place we want people to come and see what we have got," said a Council official.

Events and community markets are currently being organized, to accommodate this breath of fresh air into the town which will include for example a new walking festival, transport museum and children's play barn.

The Denbighshire council currently has a plan where it states: "There is an aspiration amongst local organisations to develop and operate visitor facilities which would complement the extension of the railway including a new railway museum and an attraction in the adjacent former chapel. Furthermore, the Arts Council of Wales is prepared to part fund an arts trail in Corwen.