23 March 2012

Welsh Minister Promotes Cardiff Airport for Investors

Welsh Minister Edwina Hart today promoted cooperation with Cardiff Airport and furthermore it highlighted that the airport needs to investment more in its operations. Earlier in the week, First Minister Carwyn Jones was the first to note publicly that the airport must do more, including private investors.

This follows as the airport, which is currently seeing the number passengers falling with some airlines choosing to abandon the hub.

The Welsh Minister told Assembly Members in the context of the current planned enterprise zones in Wales: “In terms of the airport, there are obviously concerns from members about the airport, the role of the airport, and I hope the enterprise zone will be invited to have a seat, I understand, on the board of the enterprise zone.”

“The airport will be a key player, but in order to be a key player you have to be interested in making your own business work, and there’s always a lot of discussion of what government can give in terms of cash and inducements, but a company’s really got to be willing to think of itself what routes it needs to go for, what it needs to do, not necessarily with our assistance but perhaps with our assistance,” said Ms Hart.

She added: “Our policy is quite clear. We want Cardiff Airport to be a thriving airport, it’s an important economic driver in the area.”

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