1 April 2012

Indian Business To Create Jobs in Wales

An Indian business based in Cardiff is expected to create 500 new jobs, it was announced by the First Minister Carwyn Jones. These new jobs will be implemented in two phases at their new offices in Cardiff Bay more precisely at Discovery House.

This follows their gained new contracts for companies such as British Sky Broadcasting as call centres. This new expansion follows on the trend that British consumers are increasingly giving preference British based contact centres.

The Indian Business is a Mumbai-based company which specialises in financial services, telecommunications and the healthcare industry.

First Minister Carwyn Jones statement:  "An announcement has been made that hundreds of jobs will be coming to a business centre in Cardiff because of Firstsource, a Mumbai-based company who will be bringing business processing services here to the capital." In a political context, these new jobs are intended to become a part of Cardiff City new plans of a central business district.

A spokeswoman for the Indian Business stated: 'At this stage it's very early stages.
'We have signed a lease to take on a commercial property in Cardiff and we will be setting up a contact centre there.
'However, at this stage I can't really talk about the number of jobs that are going to be there.
'We're not talking about numbers of jobs at this stage. It is early days.
'Yes, we have actually signed a lease and we have got plans in Cardiff but I can't go into it at the moment because it's too soon.'

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  1. Vivienne White02 April, 2012

    I'd like to wish every sucess with this venture it is certainly some positive news on the 'job' front.  Personally I would love to be involved with the Office Planning and Reburbishment. Viv @ KNOffice Supplies.
    Good Luck