10 April 2012

Wales Water Revenue Compared To Oil

The Former Welsh Water chairman John Elfed Jones has suggested that the Welsh economy can do better by better profiting from supplying water to England. Furthermore, it was stated that water being a natural resource it should be taken into consideration that this rich asset which Wales has plentiful should be priced compared to oil.

In an interview for BBC Cymru Wales, Mr Jones said: “In 50 years, will our people look back and ask why didn’t we invest years ago? It’s about time we considered this option. It’s a lack of energy and vision which leads us to be in difficulties often.”

Mr Jones further stated that it is “unfair” that Wales is currently not making any money by supplying the resource to England, particularly during the recent water shortages in drought-stricken regions of England.

It follows the statement from Welsh Water, the supplier of drinking water and wastewater services to Wales including parts of western England, said it was not possible to transfer further afield as the resources were presently available.

In the context where there is an increasing demand for water from the heavily populated areas of south east England, one of the UK’s leading experts John Lawson, said enlarging one of the Elan Valley reservoirs in Mid Wales was “the best option”.


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  1. It's very hard for the Wales water to supply water all over the England these days due to increased demand in the water  consumption of the citizens. Authorities should think differently and manage some alternate source of water supply in the country.