7 May 2012

Elio Assuncao - Victim of Defamation

 We would like to inform our readers, an occurrence that came our attention regarding a recent article published relating to our  CEO. Elio Assuncao is an amazing visionary individual and well loved by us in a professional capacity of which he has great personal skills with high integrity. Elio Assuncao founded two businesses YODspica and Wales Connects International, with almost no money and currently both businesses remain with high growth potential status.

In the recent attacking article published by dubious competitors, it was stated that Elio Assuncao is "guilty of an online identity impersonation". We can reassure our readers that this matter will be dealt in court with possible compensation for defamation from all involved, furthermore the UK police has been informed.

We apologize to our readers in advance for this clarification, however our organization name and reputation must be kept clean at all times.