16 May 2012

Wales is Best Place for Contact Centres

Wales is Best Place for Contact Centres, said Sandra Busby as the managing director of the Welsh Contact Centre Forum. In the early 2000's, Wales was close to full people employment, with the only exception being areas of high economic inactivity namely the Valleys. In this context, at the time most government bodies resisted bringing further contact centre business into Wales, whilst call centres were being shut down and  work being outsourced to India in those days.

However in today's context, Sandra Busby stated with an historical perspective of her Forum: “I could see that the future had to be about protecting the jobs we had, handing the inward investment side back to the local authorities and the Welsh Government...We decided to set up the Welsh Contact Centre Forum as an independent not-for-profit company that was a stand-alone business"...It’s not about accents or understanding. Companies weren’t looking at the cost to their brand. They weren’t getting it right in the UK, so what made them think they could move 12,000 miles away and get it right,...But companies have realised their customers didn’t want it so we’re seeing voice coming back ... It’s all about customer retention, and whereas the people in contact centres used to be considered back office, companies now understand those people are responsible for the brand. Whether customers stay or leave is quite often in the hands of that person you get when you phone up to complain about something....Giving the customer what they want is now critical, whether it’s a contact centre located in the UK or a way of getting in touch that suits them." stated Sandra Busby on an interview.

A staggering 10 billion calls are made each year in the UK to contact centres, so it’s perhaps not so surprising that the sector has continued to grow in recent years. contact centre employment in Wales has risen 4,000 to 28,000 since 2008.

“There’s areas in Wales that could benefit from having a contact centre, but also businesses that would make a lot of savings by locating in certain areas of Wales,” said Sandra Busby.

Currently, Wales having an influx with many companies that outsourced to India returning their operations. The main concern by Indian businesses is that they do not wish to lose their current important clients, based on consumer demand.

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