18 June 2012

Dubai Investment Plans To Expand Pembrey Airport

It has been reported that investors based in Dubai have plans to develop a small airport in south west Wales. It is our understanding that interest was shown from Dubai, Malaysia and India investors.   The plans are to invest in Pembrey Airport and as a result,  up to 600 new jobs would be assured in Wales.

This follows on the context, that Irish low-fare carrier Ryanair among other airline companies had also approached the airport situated at the Carmarthen Bay Peninsula. However, this approach to provide new services are all based on the proposition that the airport runway new extension is in place as part of the development plans.

Furthermore, it is also apparent that the airport is having a sustainable growth use from the UK military as well as interest from the United States Air Force.  Historically, the Pembrey Airport during the second world war it was used as a base for the numerous fighter squadrons. As a result, the airport was a key point during the Battle of Britain airfield.


  1. Volga Trader18 June, 2012

    Pembrey is interesting. It's further from the trains than Swansea Airport where Air Wales failed to make it. Would Ryanair go to Heathrow, Luton, Stanstead or London City?

  2. It could be a strategic location for the airlines, due to so much interest..