17 July 2012

Major Rail £2Billion Upgrade Linking South Wales and to the World

It was announced this Monday a new rail electrification linking south Wales and to the World. The announcement is easily the largest and biggest investment in trains for the benefit of Wales in recent times. As a result, from this investment it will significantly improve the Welsh economy growth prospects as well as benefiting passengers and its based businesses.

The Welsh secretary stated the direct investment is around £350 million, however the total direct and indirect is around £2billion from the UK Government and its full programme due to be completed in 2021.

UK Department of Transport stated: "Work on electrification is expected to start sometime between 2014 and 2019, but the industry will determine the exact timetable "in due course".

Transport Secretary Justine Greening MP said: "This will give two-thirds of the Welsh population access to new fleets of electric trains helping to generate Welsh jobs and growth by slashing journey times and boosting passenger and freight capacity."

First Minister Carwyn Jones stated: "Investing in our transport infrastructure is vital as we look to improve the economic competitiveness of Wales".

Welsh Transport Minister Carl Sargeant stated: "Passengers will travel in a more environmentally sustainable way and experience a quieter, faster journey with savings of up to 20% on existing timetables."
This announcement happened in a context Wales also benefited from an approval to build a £500m direct rail link to Heathrow International Airport. This new project will further enhance Wales geographical advantage which it has that consists of under 2 hours direct journey to Central London linking to Europe, and with air travel with a mere time journey of further less time to travel to Heathrow Airport.

With Cardiff as capital of Wales and its fibre optic broadband it presents itself as a great hub to base any business. Furthermore, the convenience of having Cardiff Bay which makes it a great place to live too, with good weather and beaches when compared to the very busy and less quality of life in London.

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