8 August 2012

Public Policy Institute for Wales, Invitation from First Minister forApplications

Today it was announced by the First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones, the creation of a Public Policy Institute, which in effect is a Programme for Government commitment.  This new body is intended to help promote prosperity with great vision to the benefit of the people of Wales. Furthermore, it will  establish stronger the links between the Welsh Government and selected independent sources of expertise from organizations and influential people.  As a result, it then follows that the outcome should be included an improvement of streamlined effectiveness in term of  policy design and implementation tailored to the provision of dedicated and customised service delivery  in Wales.

Many aspects, features, models and structural implementations are currently being researched and designed. Subsquently, the Welsh Government is inviting applications to be submitted for consideration from the widest range possible of interested parties, including think tanks, research institutes and Higher Education Institutions.

Mr Jones stated: “I want the brightest minds in Wales and beyond to work with us to think about the challenges of the future, and to articulate the new ideas and vision necessary to address those challenges. I hope to see a wide range of applications, including partnership and collaborative projects. I look forward to announcing the outcome towards the end of this year.”

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