29 August 2012

US Presidential Elections, First Lady Candidate Routes to Welsh CoalMining

In an interesting insight, it was revealed by Mitt Romney's wife as she described her Welsh grandfather's past as Welsh coal miner. Following this, it can be assumed that the American Presidential Elections, have provided an interesting prestigious insight on Wales. Furthermore, while she travelled on the plane to the party convention in Florida, she served guests with Welsh cakes baked on traditional recipe. The recipe was later published in the Washington Post.

In this context, if follows that Ann Romney earlier this August did visit Llangynwyd, near Maesteg, which was filmed for American TV. Whilst during her visit, she had lunch which included Welsh rarebit and Welsh cheeses.

She is proud to be a granddaughter of a Welsh coal miner, who worked very hard to ensure his children were able and could have a better life outside the mines.