11 September 2012

Cardiff Welcomes 4G Mobile Technology into Infrastructure

The new 4G mobile phone technology will operating by Christmas in Cardiff, this is the result of the new renamed company Everything Everywhere, which is providing the technology availability to 16 cities across the UK.

The launch was presented at the Science Museum in London, where 4G network will begin the implementation phase in Cardiff, Bristol, London and Birmingham. There are considerable advantages of this new technology when comparing with 3G, furthermore the 4G will be operational on HTC, Samsung, Nokia and Huawei devices

In this context, other operators such as Vodafone, 3 and O2, may pursue Ofcom to allow them to do the same. It was stated by the chief executive Olaf Swantee “great moment for the country in 2012” and will make Britain, which is lagging behind countries such as the US and Germany with its 4G roll-out, a more modern country”.

Current Orange and T-Mobile will need to upgrade to have 4G services enabled on their devices.