3 November 2012

Cardiff International Airport Could Become Heathrow 6th Terminal

It was proposed by Sir Howard Davies recently a plan, which could transform Cardiff International Airport as an extension hub to Heathrow's thus making the Airport a possible "sixth terminal". Under this plan, the concluding suggestion is that it would make air travel in the UK more wide ranging, nevertheless the final report will only be available in the summer of 2015.

Sir Howard Davies stated: “ Cardiff International Airport can be regarded as Heathrow’s “sixth terminal, when fast rail links are completed".

If this plan does receive a recommendation with regards to Cardiff International Airport, as direct consequence it would represent many new jobs for Welsh economy, which would also include better connections for freight transport.

The UK Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin stated: "Aviation is vital to the UK economy and we need to have a long-term aviation policy which meets the challenges of the future".

A Heathrow spokesman also stated: “ A clear positive decision would stimulate economic growth, create jobs, and help secure Britain’s competitiveness in a changing world.”


  1. Crazy! Even Gatwick/Heathrow are too far from one another! Why waste time and money considering unworkable options? #nosenseofurgency

  2. I disagree, Wales is well positioned to become an excellent hub and is not an overcrowded location which will have fast electrified rail link.