28 March 2013

Cardiff Airport Bought Back by Welsh Government to Improve Prospects

Cardiff Airport which was sold to TBI back in 1995, has been following a recent pattern of under-performance and loss of competitiveness, which is something that Cardiff as a capital city of Wales does not want to see continue.

The Welsh Government had been analyzing the situation for quite some time now, so today it become official and stated by the First Minister Carwyn Jones that the Airport is to be bought back in order to increase the Airport viability and thus its number of passengers. It then follows, that the intention is to operate the Cardiff Airport without the daily politics of the Welsh government rather solely on a commercial basis approach.

The next interesting context development may be that of the European Commission view and whether it sees this buy back as an acceptable policy for an European country.

First Minister Carwyn Jones stated recently and today: "Cardiff Airport is a vital gateway to Wales for business, tourists and general travellers alike," he said on Wednesday. It is essential that its future is secured and that we develop high-quality sustainable services. The airport will not be operated by the Welsh government. It will be managed at arm's length from government on a commercial basis and, over time, I expect to see a return to the public purse on the investment."

Furthermore the Business Minister Edwina Hart stated it was "the right thing to do".

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