3 March 2013

Wales Milford Haven Port is Now Third Busiest for Trade in the UK

Milford Haven is now the third biggest port in the UK, mainly due to the Oil and liquefied natural gas shipments which have arrived at the port from overseas. This claim comes from The Welsh Government Sea Transport statics, where it is state that Milford Haven has processed around 48.7 million tonnes of cargo in the year of 2011.

The Chief executive Alec Don from the Port of Milford Haven, "These figures underline the key role the Port of Milford Haven plays in the UK’s trade with the rest of the world... They confirm the Port’s status as the Energy Capital of the UK, capable of handling a considerable proportion of the nation’s energy requirements – nearly a third of its gas needs alone...2011 was a strong year for the Port but these figures hide a wider success story for Wales.

Energy Industry situated Milford Haven account for around 20% of Wales exports and is thought that over 5,000 jobs in Wales are directly related to the Port's success. Furthermore, the renewable technology planned investment into Pembrokeshire will help diversify the local economy.

In a wider strategy, the Welsh ports are ideally situated for commercial trade between Wales and the Republic of Ireland, where around 400,000 lorries and trailers have been active between Welsh ports and Ireland during the year of 2011.

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