12 May 2013

Severn Barrage Construction Likely Following Project Assessments

Severn Barrage
Severn Barrage Artist Impression
Source BBC
The proposed construction of the Severn Barrage appears to be moving forward in terms of studies commissioned by the appointment of experienced construction companies and their assessments to be conducted, despite the project having not being yet officially approved by the UK Government. 

The project assessors include ArupBechtelMott MacDonald and URS that will conduct and produce a detailed business report proposing its construction. The whole project is estimated at a value of around £25bn which is being led by the Hafren Power consortium. Furthermore, this project is envisaged and to be constructed solely from private and business finance funding.

In terms of economic benefits to the Welsh economy primarily, these are many including the creation of around 50,000 jobs in South Wales which in turn will supply the UK with around 5% electricity of its total requirements.

Hafren Power chief executive Tony Pryor said: “Government has an open mind on our proposal and we are working hard to provide further details of construction, environmental and business impacts and mitigation. These companies have successful track records in delivering large infrastructure projects and are bringing considerable expertise and momentum to the process. As part of the energy mix, tidal power is greatly under-utilised. As a sustainable energy source the Severn estuary barrage will help the UK meet its renewable energy requirements. The engineering could also become the standard for schemes elsewhere in the world.

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