23 November 2013

Sir Terry Matthews Praises Wales for its Success in Entrepreneurship

Wales Top Billionaire Sir Terry Matthews stated recently that there is an amazing success happening with such great potential, in a context of world class entrepreneurship currently innovating and pushing forward Business Wales that are creating and opening new frontiers for more opportunities, where himself has never witnessed before or at least during the time when he first started in business. 

Sir Terry Matthews comments were made at Swansea University last Tuesday in conjunction with the marking theme of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

His comments were: “There are more opportunities now than I’ve ever seen in my career in the ever-growing field of technology. Mobile, broadband, big data and cloud computing and computing power are all fundamental technology changes. 

It’s when big changes like this occur and with billions of potential customers out there that a small company can grasp the opportunity. Big companies have got baggage, needing to protect their profits and income but if a smaller company comes along with its eye on customer needs, then they can make a hit right away. 

What people have to do and what people in Wales have to do is to adapt to these changes in technology that are happening now. The opportunities are out there, finding solutions for technology problems can be hugely profitable, so go out there and grasp the opportunities before someone else does. The knowledge economy is everything at the moment.

My best advice to people wanting to make a go of it is never, ever give up. The word I associate most with success in business is persistence. Persistence and hard work. And don’t be afraid of failure. When I was learning to walk as a baby, I fell down plenty of times, but I learnt from my mistakes and pretty soon I was up and running. 

Failure means you learn something, put the lessons to good use and try again, again and again. Eventually you’ll get there. Being prepared to take risks in an important element, too. Source.

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